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Santa Fe NM

In Paradise is a series of dream like imagery I began in 2014.  The word paradise originates from the Greek word Para’deisos which conveys the meaning of a beautiful parklike garden.   Each piece in the series places a figure from art history “in paradise” where all living creatures are at peace and harmony with one another.

With these artworks I convey to the viewer my love of art history and the figure by combining them with my own photographic imagery.  This is accomplished by appropriating from such great painters as John Singer Sargent as seen in the piece “Mrs Henry white in Paradise”.  I am paying homage to the artist by resampling their work into my own imagery, changing the context of the piece.  I find it starts an interesting dialog with the viewer, sometimes not quite knowing why a piece seems familiar.  

Appropriation has played a significant role in the history of the visual, literary and musical arts.  In the visual arts to appropriate means to properly adopt , borrow , recycle or sample aspects of man-made visual culture.  I have resampled just the figure from the original painting.  The new work re-contextualizes what it has borrowed to create the new work.  Artist from Picasso to Jeff Koons have used appropriation in some of their works with Andy Warhol being an artist who almost exclusively used or borrowed imagery from pop culture.

Sondra Wampler

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